How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Office With Tinted Windows

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As the manager or owner of a business, you’re always looking to get the best return on your investment. Sometimes, the best capital investment is in your Human Capital. That’s right, your valued employees. I bet you’d love to get them the comfort that they deserve yet keep them efficient! Today, we’ll look at how to improve the efficiency of your office with tinted windows.
Your employees need to work in comfort. If you are in a space with large windows and great views, that’s certainly often motivating. But what about the discomfort of the sun? If you give your employees that stimulating view while protecting them from distractions, you will have the best of both worlds!

Here is what tinted window film can do to improve your office space.


While bright rays of sunshine are cheery to look at, they are often a source of distraction. As the sun beams through your office windows, the rays refract and intensify. This causes employees to become distracted by the sunlight. In fact, they might be forced to shift to one side of their seat, constantly adjust their monitor, or get up to adjust blinds. All these actions break interrupt their productivity.
Tinted window film allows a bright, light-filled space that’s glare-free.


You know that glare we just talked about? It can cause force your employees to squint to cut down on the glare. Over an hour or so of squinting, eye strain sets in. It’s quickly followed by a headache. You might even observe employees popping pain relievers by the handful, “borrowing” aspirin for their headaches, or even cutting out before the end of the workday due to the pain.
Your employees can be losing hours of time every year due to headaches that can be reduced by tinting your windows!


Do your employees have space heaters under their desks? That can cost you money! Not only is it draining to your power bill, it’s dangerous. One forgotten space heater left on for a weekend can cause a fire. That is a definite killer to your efficiency!
Tinted window film acts as an insulator to your windows. The thin layer of film is applied professionally and seals the warm air in and the cold air out. This prevents drafty air and keeps your employees warm in a safer manner.


If you take cash payments during the day, you may notice employees who become very nervous when it’s time to batch the daily sales. They may rush through this important task because they fear someone with ill intentions may watch, or even stalk, them.
Tinted window film will make your employees feel secure enough to handle whatever business they must handle without fear. They will be able to see out through the windows and remain vigilant. However, passersby or criminals can’t see in to watch them batch money or get ready to leave the building.


With these points in mind, please consider the positive change that tinted window film could have on your office. Your workers will feel more comfortable and secure in their environment…and efficient and happy employees are always a win for you!
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