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Frosted Glass for privacy in the home can be a decorator’s dream. The Frosted film can be plain or etched and along with privateness gives the decor of the home a fashionable look. It also allows for a feeling of separateness from neighbors and street traffic.

By having frost films professionally installed you can feel comfortable in your home and enjoy total privacy while allowing maximum daylight to pass through. Installing Frost films on front door side panels, bathroom windows and patio railing glass. Frost films have the appearance of etched glass but at a much lower cost. Etched glass is often very hard to keep clean where frost film can be wiped and kept clean easily.

Frost-Doors For Privacy

At one time, privacy could only be achieved by applying a highly mirrored film but this is no longer the case. Many of our solar films do have a reflective nature to their appearance when viewed from the outside. However, we have several different products that achieve subtle privacy without being overly mirrored. When viewed from the outside onlookers are only able to see slight movement but would not see an exact image. These products also give the peace of mind knowing that our children and family member’s daytime privacy is secure. Whether they are in the comfort of their bedroom or home alone watching TV, nobody will be able to see in.
Frost-glass side panels

Mirrored products are also available in a variety of shades or colors. Mirrored Window Film provides maximum daytime privacy and has the added benefit of reducing the heat by up to 82%

We offer many different options to enable you to enjoy the seclusion and comfort in your home and be able to enjoy a view of the outside landscape

If you require privacy contact out the team at Sunset Window Tinting to book a no obligation consultation where we can provide and install samples of our privacy films.