Heat Reduction Tips With Window Film

UV Furniture Protection

Window film is the best solution for reducing glaring, heat, fading and also providing privacy without compromising the view. It brings about comfort, improved overall appearance and energy efficiency for both commercial and residential windows.

Choosing Window Films For Heat Reduction

There are various types of window films to choose from. Therefore, We will thoroughly inspect your house and assess the needs before recommending any window film.

•    Insulating Films

These bring about comfort all year round. During the summer season, these films reflect the heat thereby reducing the heat gain inside your house. Thanks to this, your home will feel cooler which means less stress for your air conditioner system. During winter, insulating films will retain more than half of the heat inside the house. With insulating films, you can enjoy comfortable temperatures inside your house regardless of the season without paying too much utility bills.

Even better, these films can prevent your floors, furniture, and window treatments from fading fast since they block at least 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Insulating films are energy-efficient, affordable and can be placed on all types of residential windows. They bring more comfort to your house meanwhile reducing the main source of heat gain.

Besides insulation from both heat and cold, these films can also provide the much-needed privacy to any home as well as glare protection. Privacy window films usually allow light to pass through meanwhile blocking the UV rays creating the ultimate privacy you need. They are usually translucent and can be mirrored at times to provide better privacy during the day. Therefore, you can see the outside but nobody can see the inside but only during the day.

Quality Attributes Of The Best Window Films For Heat Reduction

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of window films from different manufacturers. Therefore, when you’re out shopping for window film for your residential needs, here are some useful key attributes you should be on the lookout for.

•    Total rejection of solar energy that measure’s the window film’s ability to block UV rays and keep infrared heat out. This measurement is usually indicated as a number, so the higher the number, the more comfortable you should be.

•    Light transmission is yet another quality to watch for since it measures how dark or light the film will be when installed. Note that, if the number indicated for light transmission is lower, the film will be dark. Therefore, you should choose a film with a good balance such as 49% to allow good visibility as well as reduce glare.

•    Third, you should check the film’s ability to reflect visible light. If the number for this measurement is too high, you can be guaranteed a very shiny appearance.

•    Next, you should check for a window film with a higher UV rejection capability. Note that, UV rays are responsible for fading of any home décor items in the path of the sun rays.

•    Lastly, you should choose window films with shading co-efficient of 0.5 or lower. This refers to the ability of the window treatment to reduce heat gain inside the house.

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