Looking to reduce your home heating costs? Window Film is your answer

Winter heating bills

Reduce your home heating costs with Window Film

Home energy consumption statistics released in 2017 show that Canadian homes spend 48% of their energy costs on cooling and heating. This is quite a bill and you should already be looking for ways to reduce it.

While going “green” with home energy sources has been at the core center of taming energy bills, it should not be forgotten the significant contribution one gets from window tinting. Window tints and films can greatly reduce the rate of heat gain in your home as well cut down the penetration of UV light into your rooms.

Obviously, window tinting and filming is always getting less credit than it deserves. To place it right in the charts of saving heating costs, here is how it helps achieve an energy-efficient home:

Cuts down cooling expenses by 50%

In a typical home, windows cover almost 15% of the wall space. With the advantages of natural light into homes, the need for more glass windows will always rise. As you might already know, glass is a poor insulator and all your energy expenses are literally being lost through your windows.

Luckily, window tinting and filming is one of the cheapest ways to reduce this waste and save on your energy bills. If you get a good residential window tinting company, you can reduce your energy costs by a margin of 80%.

Keep away the winter cold

If left to have a free way into your house, winter cold can immensely increase your heat consumption. But tinted windows could be the shield you need to guard the cold from your home. In such conditions, you will need less air conditioning and running of fans. Your energy bills will not be heating the ceiling every time the cold weather comes knocking.

Helps extend the service life of your air condition unit

Energy costs are not only limited to the direct charges you pay for it. What you spend on your air condition apparatus will also be part of that bill. With less cold and heat getting into your home, your heat conditioning system will be left with light tasks. You can count on them to give you longer life service than if they had to be overworked.

It will take 34% less time to reach desired room temperature

With minimal heat and cold getting in and out of your rooms, you will achieve desired temperature in 34% less time. It goes without saying that you will be saving a lot in energy bills.

Guaranteed 30% less energy consumption

With proper window tinting and filming, you can be assured of 5 degrees less of your room temperature. This will automatically translate to 30% savings on your heating costs.

It is time you take control over your home heating costs. We are the experts in residential window tinting and filming. With experience spanning over many years and a growing list of satisfied customers, we can make your home more energy-efficient.

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