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5 Amazing Benefits of Window Film

Protection Against UV Rays with Window Films

Tinted window films are a hot trend with homeowners. And why not? This product adds value and beauty to your home! From a loft in the city to a picturesque lake view, every home is improved when you have window tint installed. Take a look at the 5 amazing benefits of tinted window film, and you’ll see why homeowners are going so crazy over this product!


Tinted window film reduces your heating costs by saving as much as 30% on your heating bill. It takes a two-pronged approach to achieve this tremendous cost reduction.

First, window film adds a protective layer of insulation over your windows. This helps to prevent cold drafts from seeping through your windows. Second, that layer of insulation locks in the heat from your heating system. This means that it takes roughly 34% less time to heat up your home!

All of that adds up to money saved in keeping your home cozy and warm throughout the long Canadian winters.


Tinted window film also cuts down on summertime cooling costs. Essentially, tinted windows provide shade from the sun. This can cut your cooling costs by as much as 50%.

Additionally, it cuts down on how frequently your air conditioner runs, which extends the lifespan of that unit.


Simply put, tinted window films offer beauty which is the main reason that homeowners love this product. The look of window tint is far more contemporary and fashionable than old-fashioned curtains or blinds.

In fact, there’s no need to block off your view with curtains. You can still gaze outside and take in views while being afforded privacy. Nobody can see in, but you can still see out!


There’s nothing worse than sitting back to watch your favorite team on the television only to be blinded by the glare of the sun. It’s distracting and uncomfortable to watch.

Whether you work from home and need to cut down on glare on your computer screen or love watching tv without the sun reflecting off the television screen, tinted window film is a sure-fire fix for that problem!


The damaging ultra-violet rays from the sun do damage to your furnishings and flooring.

Have you ever moved a chair for the first time in a long time and noticed that it’s darker in the space where the chair sat? This is because the sun faded the flooring around the chair while the space under the chair was shaded.

Take a look at any piece of furniture sitting near a window. You’ll likely see that it has faded on the side directly facing the window.

These issues are completely avoided when you have tinted window film. You save money on replacement of furniture and flooring when you have tinted windows.


Tinted window film is an investment that homeowners are willing to pay. Because they save money on heating, cooling, and replacing flooring and furniture, it’s easy for them to justify the cost. Plus, the beauty and convenience of living in a glare-free home are worth the price.

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Reduce Glare From Windows

Reduce The Glare From Your Office Windows

It’s a beautiful summer day outside, you leave the house with a little extra hop in your step that often accompany those perfect summer mornings.  If you’re like most, the first half hour or so of your day is spent planning the rest of the day and turning on your computer to respond to emails.  Suddenly that vibrant sunshine becomes annoying because the glare makes it that much more difficult to see the screen.  If only you could put sunglasses on your windows.

Glares are distracting and annoying at the same time. However, when people have windows, it is something they have to learn to live with until they decide to take action about the glare. One effective solution is window film for their office to prevent the glare from being so horrible on the staff that is working in the office or the clients who are coming to visit the office.

Window Glare From Sun Can Be Eliminated

The sun is the main reason for the glare, and since office buildings are often designed to capture the most light, to reduce electricity costs it means people have to deal with a lot of sunlight and glare. A good quality window film can reduce the glare and often the headaches associated with the effects of the sun. Then people will be able to work in the office or even come into the office without having to be concerned about the glare disrupting their day.


Comes In Different Shades

When people think about the window tint, they will automatically think of the darker colors they are used to seeing on their vehicles. However, when people are in an office building they may not want to have the darker colors because that can remove some of the natural light people want to have. The film for the windows is available in many different shades from almost clear to dark. So it can easily be adapted to the needs of the office and ensure people are not going to be upset by the way the windows look, but also to allow for people to look into the office to see if they are in the right location.

Heat Reduction

An off shoot to reducing the glare in the building is the fact this is going to help people in reducing the amount of heat inside of the building. When the buildings are built and the glass is installed, it often is going to have the windows that are double panned, but that does not mean the heat will be turned back. When people get a tint on the windows, even a clear tint, it has the added benefit of serving as an added layer of insulation for the windows. This in turn is going to make it easier to keep the office cooled off and not have to spend extra on the heating or cooling bills.

Window tinting is not just for cars, in fact if people think about it most of the offices they go into now have some type of window tint on their windows. This is when people should know they can reduce the glare in their office by using the window tint on the windows. By knowing about this, it will be easy for people to see the windows can be protected and kept safe. Without this, people are going to struggle to figure out how to remove the glare on their staff and clients, but also reduce their energy cost in the building.


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